rip url zwerven

if you want to find out where i went, ONLY OFF ANON SINCE THEY WILL NOT GIVE IT OUT IN PUBLIC OR TO ANONS, ask one of the following tumblr users:

that is all, one of them will get back to you — i have had problems with stalking from family members, going back hundreds of pages in to my blog to find out my personal feelings about things that were going on at the time, when i was using my blog as a personal outlet to vent my feelings.

i do not regret this, but the stalking and constant reading and checking back 1300 pages!!! through my blog is excessive and a mite bit of harassment from you, someone who allegedly kept books of every time we left the house, with who, for how long.

my personal blog is a place where i can say anything, there is no censorship on the internet — and i feel i should have the freedom to say what i want about any subject i decide to talk about again. i will not let the stalking stir me away from having relationships with people on tumblr because i am too afraid to log in and write anything anymore.

sorry, but no more of this will be tolerated.

nobody on tumblr did this, it was my own family members, and i am deeply ashamed they would breach my personal blog for their own self satisfaction, reading through hundreds of pages in days at a time i thought the stalking was slowing down finally.


Goodbye to tumblr user url ‘zwerven’.